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About Us

Martinge Engineering Associates Inc. was founded in 1991 with one company philosophy in mind: Provide consistently superior services to our clients. Over the years we have expanded both our capabilities and our team to address the ever-changing complexities and challenges of projects in both the public and the private sectors.

MEA has assisted towns, industries, and commercial developers to evaluate and design wastewater treatment solutions, as well as troubleshoot and implement results to bring existing wastewater systems into compliance. Our scope of activities encompasses problem definition and engineering design as well as construction observation, start-up and facility inspection for local and state permit compliance.

Examining Water Pressure, Engineering Services in Reading, MA

By combining the resources of our experienced team of engineering professionals, MEA stays at the forefront of emerging technologies and maintains a track record of solid accomplishments. We are able to undertake wastewater treatment projects with efficient, responsive, and innovative service.


MEA offers more than 40 years' experience in wastewater treatment plant design, modification, and compliance monitoring, as well as engineering inspection of wastewater treatment plants within Massachusetts. Our team is knowledgeable in many different types of waste treatments processes and has developed an excellent relationship with the Massachusetts Department of Environment Protection.

MEA's experience includes studying proposed facilities in flow variations (both flow quantity and organic strength) with present and future populations (minimum and maximum), developing preliminary or feasible designs, reviewing these alternatives with various equipment manufacturers to obtain favorable pricing, evaluating capital and energy costs of the alternatives, and making recommendations to the owners.

MEA has also performed targeted improvements for many wastewater treatment facilities not meeting their present groundwater permit discharge limits. Once a treatment concept approval from the owner is received, we present the chosen method of treatment concept approval through preparation on a detailed engineering report as well as permit-level drawings and specifications.

MEA was the first to include wastewater treatment using reverse osmosis in order to meet the new affluent total organic carbon (TOC) limit of less than 1mg/l. MEA working with Mass DEP-received approval for recycling, which included carbon filtration to address color removal and low-dose chlorination for disinfection of recycled water.

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